Downing Street doubles down refusing Canada+++ offer

Robbie Gibb, Director of Communications for N0. 10 has inferred that Theresa May would not accept the ‘Canada+++’ Brexit offer from Donald Tusk.

Replying to a tweet asking “What are you waiting for?” in reference to accepting a Canada-style Free Trade Agreement between the EU and UK, Gibb said: “The proposal is for GB only not for the whole of the UK. The PM has been clear she will not break up the United Kingdom.”

However, Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that his ERG plan could solve the problem of the Northern Ireland border.

Mogg tweeted: “The ERG’s proposals for the Irish border mean it could work for the UK as a whole.”

It is mad No. 10 are continuing down their Chequers plan, they should accept Tusk’s Brexit offer now.