Less than half of French & Swedish would vote to remain in EU

New polling from YouGov has highlighted increasing pessimism when it comes to the future of the European Union, with less than half of voters in France and Sweden saying that they’d vote to remain in the EU if their country had a referendum.

49% in France said they’d vote to remain, with 29% saying they’d back leaving, 13% undecided and 9% saying they wouldn’t vote.

In Sweden 48% of those asked backed remaining in the EU, with 30% in favour of leaving and a further 18% undecided, only 4% said they wouldn’t vote.

Germany and Denmark both had 61% of citizens backing bloc membership, but the Norwegians are still strongly anti-EU with 68% saying they’d vote against.

There is a lack of faith surrounding the EU’s future as well. 47% of Brits are pessimistic about the future of the EU, as are 47% of those in Sweden. The French are the most pessimistic of all however, with 53% not optimistic about the bloc’s future prospects.

It highlights once again that Brexit Britain is far from isolated: citizens from across the continent are rapidly losing faith in the EU’s centralised, mass migration agenda.

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Just imagine what the numbers will look like when the UK has left, is negotiating global trade deals and controlling its own borders. Where Brexit Britain leads, others will surely follow.