Double: Grassroot Tories 'unanimous support' in opposing deal

Pro-Brexit MP Steve Double has revealed big support from his local Conservative members in opposing Theresa May’s deal, in the latest sign that Tory sentiment is anti what May has brought back from Brussels.

The MP for St. Austell and Newquay tweeted last night: “Local Conservative Association meeting this evening. Biggest turn out we’ve ever had. Over 25% of members attended.

“Unanimous support for my position to not support the deal and a very clear message that our leadership need to change direction or we need new leadership.”

Tories overall and particularly Brexiteers don’t want this deal. It must be voted down, a new deal put forward or failing that No Deal. Either way, a proper Brexit must be delivered as the people were promised in 2016. Good to see the likes of Steve Double standing strong.

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