Dorries: May meeting Corbyn is 'final straw', would lose confidence vote

Pro-Brexit Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has hit out at Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to meet with Jeremy Corbyn before her own party’s MPs after putting forward her EU Withdrawal Agreement, and has insisted that May would lose a confidence vote.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston, Dorries said of the late night meeting with the Labour Leader: “Which has gone down really badly with those few MPs who were from my side of the party who who were still giving her the benefit of the doubt.

“In fact one has just said ‘the fact that she is calling in the Leader of the Opposition in to speak to him before she talks to her own MPs is the final straw’.”

Dorries also insists that May would lose a rumoured no confidence vote, saying: “I think we will have the vote of confidence and I think a large number of MPs who say publicly that are just quiet on this or publicly back the Prime Minister, when they are in a booth with a pen in private, I do not believe that she will win a vote of confidence.”

When Remoaner MP Heidi Allen decribed the situation as “serious” Dorries agreed: “It is very serious that’s why we have to have somebody who can negotiate.”

Are pro-Brexit MPs finally going to stand up for the 17.4 million Leave voters and take action now to stand up for independence?