Dorries: End of the road for May, we cannot continue like this

Nadine Dorries has slammed Theresa Mays’ “bunker-like mentality” over her Chequers plan, claiming it is “the end of the road” for the PM.

Speaking on Sky News, the Tory MP laid into the Prime Minister for failing to listen to concerns saying: “despite the fact the Chequers deal is not liked by remainers, by the European Commission, by leavers, by anybody No. 10 are not listening, and like the dementia tax where the party was nearly taken off a cliff bthis attitude Theresa May is continuing with this bunker-like attitude.”

She continued: “We cannot continue with a Prime Minister who is non-consensual, who doesn’t listen,  who doesn’t take on people’s concerns.”

However, the backbencher denied that she has “stuck a knife into Theresa May”.

Dorries’ intervention comes as the PM is under intense pressure from all sides to ditch her Chequers plan, with former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson saying on Monday it would hand “victory” to Brussels.