'Don't apologise' Imam defends Boris in burka row

A top Islamic figure has jumped to the defence of Boris Johnson in a row over his Burka comments.

Taj Hargey, the imam at the Oxford Islamic Congregation, in a letter to The Times said Johnson should “not apologise for telling the truth” and that the former Foreign Secretary did not go far enough.

He described the burka as “a nefarious component of a trendy gateway theology for religious extremism and militant Islam”.

Dr. Hargey is renowned for his liberal approach to Islam, for example he disallows gender segregation of Muslim prayer.

Theresa May has called for Boris to apologise for his comments, which included suggesting women in burkas look like “letter boxes”.

Yesterday Westmonster visited both the Prime Minister constituency and Boris Johnson’s constituencies. Unsurprisingly, May is out of touch with the public’s attitude towards religious integration.

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Remainer Tories have also criticised Boris for his remarks, including Anna Soubry, Jeremy Wright and Ruth Davidson.

However, polling concludes the public would go further than Mr Johnson, with a new poll suggesting 59% of respondents support a complete ban on the burka. Boris is much more in tune with public opinion on this – and many Muslims are against the burka as well.