Brexit no-show Diane Abbott is hiring PR help

It would appear that Ms Abbott is hiring a PR advisor to help her manage what’s left of her reputation, after another week of car crash interviews, hiding from journalists, oh and missing the most important vote of her political career.

Jeremy Corbyn had decided that the vote would take place under a three-line whip, meaning that any of his Shadow Cabinet members would have to resign if they voted against him.

She missed the historic vote after being taken ill just hours before. Some critics blamed her night on the lash in a nearby pub the night before, however, she was seen given a passionate speech just hours before.

Ms Abbott represents a constituency that voted overwhelmingly to Remain. A cynic might argue she pulled a sickie in order to get out of defying her leader and face a backlash from her constituents.

If you feel like you have what it takes to help the hapless Shadow Home Secretary, applications are open here…