Dennis Skinner MP: 'I've been voting against undemocratic EU from the start'

Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner told Westmonster why he broke the party whip and voted in favour of the EU Withdrawal Bill, saying he’s been against the “undemocratic” EU for the last 47 years.

He said: “I’m the only person in this whole Parliament who’s voted against every treaty of the EU and it’s not because I’m anything clever, it’s because I’ve lived long enough to see the whole thing from the very beginning.

“I was in Parliament in 1970 and by 1971 the Common Market vote was taken. It took power away from me and gave it to the Council of Ministers – that’s undemocratic.

“As a matter of principle for 47 years I’ve done the same thing isn’t that a good thing to be able to say I’ve published it in my manifesto – 13 elections and they voted by over 70% to leave the EU in Bolsover. Real people. Real votes.”

Skinner was one of just 7 Labour MPs who rebelled against Corbyn’s 3 line whip. It’s nice to see some people in the Commons still have their principles and convictions in tact.