Denmark refuses to shovel money into EU

The large shortfall in the EU’s back pocket is likely to become a bigger and bigger issue for the bloc.

Those in Brussels are not exactly well-known for reigning in their largess and with the UK cash cow out of the door soon, other countries are making it plain that they won’t be stumping up.

The Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen has insisted that his country won’t be ploughing money into the European Union post-Brexit and that the bloc should reconsider how much it is spending.

“The important thing is what Denmark has to pay. And I don’t think we should pay one krone more than we do now.

“The EU must make sure that it adjusts its cost according to the income sources it has. Including after Brexit,” he said.

Already the EU has started threatening to withdraw funding from countries like Poland who don’t bow down. Coupled with the disastrous Euro single currency and you have an economic basket case falling apart at the seams.