Defence cuts taken toll, UK left with Tornado jets due to be retired

Big cuts to defence mean that Britain’s contribution to the missile strikes in Syria was limited to 8 missiles from Tornado GR4 jets that have seen decades of service and are due to be retired next year.

The Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyer HMS Duncan was unable to fire missiles, with the French Armed Forces taking the lead in the operation alongside America.

A military source has been quoted as saying that the current state of affairs was “pretty depressing” and that: “We need to brace ourselves for the fact that President Macron is trying to be the go-to guy.

“He wants to have a strong relationship with the United States and we have not woken up to that.

“If they are trying to muscle in and they are determined about it and they end up firing more missiles, these things sort of count. They do actually count.”

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As with law and order, you cannot do national defence on the cheap. Whilst Britain now gives around £14 billion away each year in foreign aid, our Armed Forces are in danger of being overshadowed by the capabilities of other European nations. Not good.