Davis: No Deal means short term hiccups, taking back control

David Davis has said a No Deal Brexit would be some short-term disruption but also taking back control.

Speaking to the BBC’s Today programme the former Brexit Secretary said there would be “some hiccups in the first year” but Britain would have “all the rights and controls over our own destiny.”

Davis continued: “I don’t think and I’ve said publicly, I don’t think a no-deal is as frightening as people think, but the government is obviously nervous of it and the European Commission and nearly all member states are nervous of it.

“So I think that would force a very, very different, and actually, I think, rather better deal.”

He added: “We’re a big country, we can look after ourselves.”

His comments come after the DUP have warned Theresa May any deal that would separate Northern Ireland economically would be unacceptable.