Davis: Must drive stake through May's deal

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has insisted that Theresa May’s deal must have a “stake” driven through its heart, with a Remainers’ Brexit on the table that must be rejected so that the UK can then pursue a Canada+++ deal.

In a fascinating interview with The House Magazine, DD said of the upcoming vote in Parliament on the deal: “We’ve got to make sure that this doesn’t come back. We’ve got to make sure the stake goes through its heart and it gets buried at the crossroads.”

Speaking of the opposition he had from the pro-EU establishment within the government, he has highlighted opposition to his call for a deal that would ditch the EU’s rules and regulations:  “Number 10 didn’t like that outcome and drifted towards more civil service-based policy. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all doing what they think is right for the country. I don’t vilify people for that.

“What it means is you’re ending up with is a sort of Remainers’ Brexit. That means they don’t really understand what it is that Brexit was about.”

Though he doesn’t point the finger at anyone specifically: “I don’t blame any individual, Olly Robbins or anybody else.

“But there’s certainly been a growth in the leverage of what you might term the advisory arm – the special advisers, the civil servants involved and so on – at the expense of the political arm, in terms of the Cabinet.”

Taking apart the deal Theresa May is now putting forward, Davis insists it must be stopped: “This deal is no good at any level, right. It’s no good in terms of sovereignty, it’s no good in terms of economic future, it’s no good in terms of upsides.”

Calling for it he to be comprehensively rejected, he says: “If this thing is buried, then they’ve got to go back with a complete alternative. Their problem then is time, their enemy is time, which is why I’ve said all along that you can do a Canada +++.

“It’s Canada, which exists already, plus a bit of South Korea, which exists already, plus a bit of Switzerland, which exists already, plus a bit of New Zealand, which exists already and so on. Built entirely out of precedence.”

“And unlike many despondent Brexiteers, the Leave campaigner is still hopeful: “We will get the right outcome at the end of this. It’ll just be more difficult now than it could have been if we’d negotiated rather differently.”

Let’s hope that David Davis is right and that May’s deal is ditched and a proper Brexit delivered. Though this will likely require Davis or another Brexiteer to become Prime Minister, something which feels like must happen sooner rather than later.

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