Davis 'being lined up for PM' as more letters go in against May

The Telegraph’s well-respected Christopher Hope has some interesting news this morning, backing up other rumours that former Brexit Minister David Davis could be the man to take over from Theresa May.

Hope reveals that DD could become the man to lead the UK through Brexit negotiations as the new Prime Minister. Davis resigned as Brexit Secretary in protest at Chequers and has repeatedly expressed his belief that a Canada-style free trade deal with the EU is the best path forward. We concur.

Hope also reveals that more letters to trigger a no confidence vote have gone in against Theresa May and that a temporary Tory Leader could be put in place in a fortnight.

The Political Editor of the Times also backed up the claim that more letters have gone in against the current PM.

Will Brexiteer MPs have the bottle to change things, quickly? The clock is ticking.