Davis against May's 'EU Customs partnership', decision still yet to be made

The British government’s approach on Brexit continues to drag on at a snail’s pace, with a decision still yet to be made on customs and Brexit Minister David Davis warning that the soft ‘customs partnership’ with the EU that Theresa May favours could actually be illegal.

Davis has apparently warned the PM that the customs partnership could be illegal under international law and so may be challenged, which could lead to staying in the Customs Union completely.

The Times quote a source as saying that: “In that scenario you’d end up staying in the Customs Union because you’d have no other choice.”

Brexiteer Davis is against the idea, which would stop the UK from operating a fully independent trade policy post-Brexit.

And other Conservative Brexiteers are now getting impatient at the lack of decisive leadership from the government on what will replace the EU Customs Union.

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The most popular policy amongst the British people is a full exit from the CU and no extension of the transition period. Time for the government to get on with it and deliver!