David Kurten: ‘Millions want a party that will build our nation again’

UKIP leadership candidate David Kurten has outlined his vision for the party in an exclusive interview with Westmonster.

He wants to make UKIP a party Britain can be proud of, one that is socially and financially conservative and fights for a “full democratic Brexit”. Watch the video below:

Kurten said: “There were millions of people who had considered voting for UKIP but didn’t because they didn’t believe we could win under first past the post. A lot of people voted for someone they really didn’t want to vote for in the last election to keep someone else out.

“If we just get our act together and place ourselves as the party of a full democratic Brexit, a party which is socially and financially conservative, I think that will attract millions of people who want the kind of party who’ll build up the nation again; not just to tackle the external threat of the EU but the internal threat of cultural Marxism.

“There’s a big correlation of people who want to dissolve the nation into a globalist proto-state – the EU – and the same people who want to dissolve communities, families, marriage, gender. The people who want to get into education and make it dumbed down and make it all very, very left wing so people don’t know how to stand on their own two feet.

“We need to fight that and right from the bottom with our young people we need to build it up again so we have a system that trains people with skills and makes us proud of our country once again and that’s what I want UKIP to be.”

The UKIP leadership election is on September 29th, you can place your bets with Paddy Power here.