David Davis 'prepared to spark Cabinet revolt over May's Brexit indecision'

Theresa May’s government could be about to come apart at the seams as David Davis looks to have finally had enough with the Brexit dilly-dallying.

A document outlining ‘detailed, ambitious and precise explanations’ of the government’s Brexit positions has been delayed for a fifth time, much to the annoyance of Davis, a staunch Leaver.

According to a friend of Davis, he is “prepared to go to the whole Cabinet with his concerns if he has to”.

Another Cabinet insider said: “For months Europe have been demanding we give them more detail and now we are going out of way not to give it to them.

“Everybody is crying out for a customs decision, whatever it bloody is.

“Then we can at least move on and start selling it to Brussels, businesses and especially our own backbenchers, before they enforce a decision of their own on us in the Commons.”

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Theresa May just seems incapable of making a decision. Where’s her leadership? She’ll have to publish a coherent, definitive stance at some point, but surely now Britain is heading for a rushed, last-minute negotiation with the EU that could delay the whole Brexit process altogether.