David Davis hits out at EU 'point-scoring'

David Davis has hit out at the EU, accusing them of ‘point-scoring’ and ‘public posturing’ about Brexit talks.

Davis was responding to the EU’s claim that the British government was ‘chasing a fantasy’ in negotiations.

He said: “This is not about public posturing and scoring points – we came to the table with a series of serious papers this week, with the intention of making progress towards resolving difficult issues because that is in our shared interests.

“Our proposals on security, for example, are not about bending rules or ‘membership-lite’ – they are about protecting people – nothing more, nothing less. We face the same threats and have shared values – criminals and terrorists do not respect borders.

“We have made an unconditional offer which we believe provides the best way to do that,” he said. “The EU should not now be seeking to put conditions on this.”

It looks like Britain’s edging towards a No Deal – the EU aren’t budging. Fine, the British government will keep all its cash in its pocket and watch the EU come crawling back.

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