Danish PM calls for an end to 'parallel societies'

Denmark’s Prime Minister  Lars Løkke Rasmussen has vowed to put an end to ‘parallel societies’ in his New Year’s speech.

“I’m talking about neighbourhoods where teenagers are forced into marriages with someone they do not love. In which women are considered worth less than men,” he said, adding: “There are parallel societies throughout the country.”

Rasmussen says these parallel societies “creates a negative spiral” which leads to gangs dominating migrant areas.

Rasmussen vowed to “introduce a new target to end ghettos completely. In some places, by breaking up concrete and pulling down buildings. Spreading the residents and housing them in different areas.”

“We have to take care of Denmark,” he added.

Rasmussen also praised Danish soldiers for their role in tackling ISIS and added that they were “helping to pave the way for the refugees to return and rebuild their country.”

He says that Denmark is equipping Syrians with the skills they will need, “with the clear goal of going home again.”

Rasmussen will publish a detailed plan to tackle the issues he raised in early 2018.

Some European politicians are finally facing up the hugely damaging consequences of mass migration without assimilation.