Danish Finance Minister: Brexit negotiations not rocket science

Denmark’s Finance Minister, Kristian Jensen, has put down EU wrangling over a deal with the UK as “part of the game”, insisting that “we are now on the same page”.

He told The Guardian: “In any political negotiations, there is not enough time, not enough money, not enough this, not enough that. This is part of the game. Because what we are dealing with here is not rocket science. We are not speaking about putting a man on Mars or solving the problem of CO2 emissions.

“We are now on the same page…In my view it is rather important we get into a more close and more speedy process on concluding some of the issues.”

Whilst it is true that a UK-EU deal that is mutually beneficial should be easy to finalise, the behaviour of some in Brussels suggests they aren’t serious about such a deal.

Will we see the likes of Jensen from European governments start to pressurise the EU more to get the deal done and stop messing Britain around?