Daniel Kawczynski: My constituents expect free movement to stop in March 2019

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski told Westmonster his constituents expect an end to free movement of people, ECJ jurisdiction and EU payments by March 2019.

He thinks he’ll have a hard time justifying the government’s transitional Brexit to his constituents and the entire Cabinet is going to have to justify the current Brexit stance to MPs if they’re going to support it.

Kawczynski said: “I think the Prime Minister and Cabinet in fact will have a lot of work to do to explain the rationale behind their strategy to the Parliamentary Party. We’re hearing from the media of a transitional period of, some say, up to 2 years…we need clarification on that.

“There are real issues that need to be buttoned down, such as the free movement of people. Many of my constituents expect free movement of people to stop in March 2019, also many of my constituents expect the ECJ’s jurisdiction to stop in March 2019 and many constituents are expecting us to stop paying the £200m net that we send to the EU every week when we pull out.

“Those are major fundamental questions that need to be answered before they can have confidence that many Tory MPs will back these measures when they come before the house next year.

“There are still people that don’t realise £200m is being sent every week to the EU, a body that hasn’t had its accounts signed off for 27 years in a row when there are only 2 net contributors. UK has been extremely generous historically, more generous than I would have liked.

“These questions need to be answered before the Prime Minister and cabinet can have confidence that this will get approved by the parliamentary party.”

It looks like Theresa May and Co. have some explaining to do.