Curtice: Conservative Party electorate now Leave-dominated, government must deliver on Brexit

Election expert Sir John Curtice has laid out how the Conservative Party’s solid local election performance has been been on the back of Leave voters, and that the government would now need to deliver on Brexit to satisify those oters.

“What is very clear is that the Conservative Party has done much better in Leave voting areas than Remain-voting areas,” he said, citing the move of UKIP voters to the Tories.

“The Conservative Party has been reminded tonight that the electorate it now has is disproportionately a Leave electorate…something like 70% of the Conservative vote are people who voted Leave and that therefore above all what the Conservative Party has to be able to do in the coming weeks and months is to deliver on Brexit in a way that will satisfy the aspirations of Leave voters.”

It really couldn’t be clearer: the British government now need to deliver a full, clean Brexit. No excuses.