Counter-Terror Commissioner: Record number of investigations, 80% Islamist

The Assistant Commissioner responsible counter-terror, Neil Badu has revealed that a record number of terror investigations are being conducted in the UK, with around 80% focused on the threat from Islamic extremism.

Speaking Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee today, Commissioner Badu said that the dreadful series of terror attacks carried recently “were not a temporary escalation of the threat” but a “sustained shift of that threat”.

He said that the “overriding threat remains those inspired by Daesh (ISIS) and the resurgent Al Qaeda” along with “very disturbing” extreme right-wing threats.

He revealed that since the Westminster attack 17 more plots had been thwarted and revealed that 700 terror inquiries are being carried out by police and MI5, with “about 80% of those investigations will continue to be Islamist jihadist threat”.

It is a sobering reminder of the threat the country faces. Our security services must be given the resources they require, and politicians must not shy away from tackling extremism head on.