Council finally removes shrine to burglar killed by pensioner in Hither Green

Lewisham Council has finally stepped in and let common sense prevail by removing the shrine to a serial criminal who was stabbed to death by a 78-year-old man while he tried to burgle his home in the middle of the night.

A shrine was erected outside the elderly man’s house – it was repeatedly torn down and then put back up again as police sat idly by.

But the Council has now sent 2 officials round to the property in Hither Green and they’ve put all the balloons, cards and flowers in a van and shipped them off.

This has been an absolute shocker all round from the police – why would they arrest this elderly man, defending his home and dementia stricken wife, on suspicion of murder? He’s now had to leave his home and go into protection. Why allow a shrine to be put up to a criminal?

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6 days this has taken to be sorted out, it’s not exactly been a lesson in solid, common sense from the police force.