Corbyn's popularity plunges to all-time low after Brexit game-playing

The verdict is in on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit game-playing: his favourability rating has fallen to an all-time low, according to YouGov.

A ‘peak Corbyn’ level of approval after the 2017 General Election has now declined to a -45 net rating, his worst ever.

Among those who voted Labour at the last election, only 47% now have a favourable opinion of the socialist MP, with 44% having an unfavourable view. That’s pretty dire.

Having refused to take a firm position on Brexit and instead disgracefully sought to opportunistically chop and change on everything from a Customs Union to a second referendum, YouGov highlight how badly this lack of decisiveness has gone down.

When it comes to why he has lost popularity, they explain that: “In most cases it wasn’t due to his position being too far towards Remain (just 3% thought this) or too far towards Leave (just 6% said this), but rather the fact that he doesn’t seem to have any position at all.”

YouGov’s Chris Curtis has also said: “We have seen two dramatic shifts in Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity – a huge rise around the 2017 election, followed by a steady fall ever since.

“When we asked people who had turned against him, Brexit was mentioned overwhelmingly as a reason. It was about his indecisiveness, playing politics with Brexit and refusing to meet Theresa May.

“Labour has had a policy of constructive ambiguity about Brexit because they did not want to alienate their voters on either side of the debate, but that has proved to be a fairly destructive policy.”

The pathetic lack of leadership and refusal to stand up for a proper Brexit has shown Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to be pretty feeble indeed. They can’t be allowed anywhere near Downing Street.

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