Corbynista shadow cabinet member thinks we can stay in Single Market

The Shadow Business Secretary has been absolutely torn apart on her Brexit stance, saying it would be “fantastic” if Britain could remain in the Single Market and Customs Union.

Rebecca Long-Bailey said Labour wanted to “have our cake and eat it” when it came to Brexit.

In the car crash interview with Andrew Neil, she said: “I am not saying that that option is completely off the table because stranger things have happened.

“We have got to respect the result of the referendum, we have got to respect the will of the people in terms of having greater control over our laws, greater control over our borders.

“If we could negotiate an agreement on remaining in the single market that dealt with all of those issues, then that would be fantastic.

“We want to retain the benefits that we currently have within the customs union. We want to have our cake and eat it.”

Neil called her positions “untenable”.

Labour keeps sniping at Tory divisions, maybe they should get their own house in order first.