Corbyn sets out Brexit demands including EU Customs Union

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has set out his new list of demands if the government want to secure his support for any deal with the European Union.

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The wish list essentially keeps the UK deeply locked into Brussels. Instead of a radical agenda for change, Labour want to tie the UK into the EU indefinitely and kill off any prospect for a fully independent trade policy.

The demands include:

  • ‘Permanent and comprehensive’ UK-wide Customs Union.
  • Close alignment with the Single Market.
  • ‘Dynamic alignment’ on rights and protections.
  • Commitments to on future UK participation in EU agencies.
  • Agreements on future security arrangements including the European Arrest Warrant.

This comes after Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, refused to rule out ‘free movement of workers’ under a Corbyn government. Open borders by the back door.

Rather than seeing as a huge opportunity to become independent and self-governing, Labour are desperately trying to cling on to the EU whilst one of their Shadow Ministers has even called for a second referendum. What a shambles.