Corbyn prepares no confidence vote in government to extend Article 50

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is ramping up for a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson’s government.

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In a letter sent to the Leader of the LibDems Jo Swinson as well as the SNP, Plaid Cymru, Green Party and some hardline Tory Remainer MPs, Corbyn has claimed that: “This government has no mandate for No Deal, and the 2016 EU referendum provided no mandate for No Deal.

“I therefore intend to table a vote of no confidence at the earliest opportunity when we can be confident of success.

“Following a successful vote of no confidence, I would then, as Leader of the Opposition, seek the confidence of the House for a strictly time-limited temporary government with the aim of calling a General Election, and securing the necessary extension of Article 50 to do so.”

The reception to that idea has already been lukewarm from the Liberal Democrats – but things could change quickly in September.

Will Boris Johnson’s government have what it takes to take Corbyn and Co on or will they fold? 31st October is fast approaching.