Corbyn: Labour backing 'Deal vs. Remain' second referendum

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed that his party will be supporting an amendment by MPs for a truly dire referendum: Theresa May’s deal vs. not leaving the European Union at all. What an absolute disgrace.

Corbyn told Ridge on Sunday that his party backs a “credible choice referendum” and will back an amendment put forward to put the bad deal against remaining in the EU in a second referendum. Of course what Brexiteers increasingly want, a No Deal Brexit, wouldn’t even be an option in this crazy establishment stitch-up.

The text of the proposed amendment reads: “but will not allow the implementation and ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement unless and until both it and the Framework for the Future Relationship have been approved by the people of the United Kingdom in a confirmation ballot”.

Labour’s continuing push for a second referendum is an absolute disgrace to every voter who was promised that politicians would respect the people’s vote of 2016.