Conservatives warn of voter backlash if Brexit is delayed

Senior voices in the Tory Party are warning of the potential electoral damage that would be done if the Conservative government fails to deliver Brexit on time as promised.

With Theresa May this week having promised once again to deliver “on time” and less than 50 days to go, Conservative voices are warning against any delay to the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The seats up at the set of local elections to be held on 2nd May this year are largely Conservative: they won 5,521 last time compared to just 2,278 for Labour. A Brexit backlash in May could be catastrophic for thousands of local Conservatives.

The most senior Tory Councillor, Lord Porter, told The Sun: “If we’re not out by the time of the elections, we’re going to get kicked.

“It won’t be good for us.

“It will also hit turnout, as people will be put off politics altogether.

“Brandon Lewis (Party Chairman) has been made very aware of this.”

And when it comes to a delay that leads to European Elections, a Cabinet Minister is quoted as saying: “The new European Parliament takes it seats on July 2nd, so if we’re not out by then we’ll have to blow £100m on holding new elections here for it.

“Our Councillors are telling us that voters would punish us hard at the ballot box in May for this.

“So extending that long is untenable.”

With Nigel Farage promising a comeback if Brexit is delayed, minds should clearly be focused in Westminster. 29th March 2019 is the day that the UK must leave the EU.

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