Conservative voters back Brexiteer Boris for next Prime Minister

When it comes to who should replace Theresa May as Prime Minister, there is still one clear successor in mind for Conservative voters: Boris Johnson.

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Despite the chattering class dismissing the twice-elected Mayor of London, the staunch Brexiteer is remains top of the pile when Tory voters are asked who they want to see take over next.

A YouGov poll for The Times asked Conservative voters who they think would make a good Leader. 41% said Boris compared to 28% for Michael Gove, 27% for Jacob Rees-Mogg, 26% for David Davis, 25% for Sajid Javid and 24% for Jeremy Hunt.

When asked to pick a single choice for the next Leader, 22% back Boris with 13% supporting Jacob Rees-Mogg. Critically, Mogg has said before that he would not stand but would back Boris Johnson, potentially giving the duo mass appeal among the pro-Brexit Conservative grassroots.

JRM pointed out before that as far as mass public appeal goes, Boris “has a greater reach” than other contenders.

The same polling shows a surge in the number of people who think Theresa May is doing badly as Prime Minister (66%) compared to those who say she is doing well in the role (26%). Grim.

Few can doubt that the country is crying out for fresh leadership. Boris has consistently fought for Brexit, calling for No Deal to be kept on the table, no Article 50 extension and for May’s deal to be rejected.

Could Boris Johnson soon be Britain’s Brexiteer Prime Minister?

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