'Conservative Party like dictatorship!' Pro-democracy Tories show outrage at leadership

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Conservative Party Conference is well underway and some Tories are deeply unhappy with how their Party is being run.

Westmonster visited an event run by the Campaign for Conservative Democracy with speakers from David Campbell-Bannerman MEP,  veteran Tory democracy campaigner John Strafford and Ben Bradley MP.

Strafford pointed out: “70% of the hierarchy and the Parliamentary Party supported remaining in the European Union. Whilst 70% of the members of the Party wanted to leave the European Union.”

When asked if we are heading towards a dictatorship, Strafford told Westmonster: “All the signs are that we are going in that direction, because we have a Prime Minister who is not elected by the people, not elected by the members of her party… when that leader controls in a massive way the workings of the Conservative Party (sic).

“If you gave that description to any South American country you would say that is a dictatorship.”

Campbell-Bannerman, who defected from UKIP to the Tories, also expressed anger with the Party Leadership saying there is a “democratic deficit in the Party, and that is something we want to see addressed… Our central desire is to see an elected Party Chairman in future.”

The Tory Party is increasingly being run by a few at the top. If members had more say there would be no Chequers, its time for members to take back control.