Conservative Party block Brexiteer Steven Woolfe from joining

The Tory Party have blocked Brexiteer MEP Steven Woolfe from joining the party – despite other former UKIP MEPs having been allowed to join.

Guido revealed that the former Tory Councillor was apparently rejected from re-joining, with a party spokesman saying: “Steven Woolfe’s application for membership of the Conservative Party has not been accepted.”

When speaking to Westmonster, the Member of the European Parliament said: “By joining the Conservative Party and being part of the Blue Wave movement we are going to try and encourage people to make the Conservative Party Conservative again and ensure they listen to the will of the people.”

This is all getting rather bizarre. The Tory Party urgently needs new members, but Brexiteers are being blocked. The ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore also apparently had their applications rejected.

What is going on here?