Conservative MEP Leader: We voted for Von der Leyen to be EU President

In an astonishing admission, the Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament has admitted that he and his colleagues voted for Ursula von der Leyen to become EU Commission President.

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MEPs were given a ballot with just one choice on it – German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen who is in favour of an EU Army and has said before that “my aim is the United States of Europe”.

Yet Geoffrey van Orden, a longstanding Tory MEP has revealed on ConservativeHome that he voted for von der Leyen, saying: “You might well ask why Conservatives voted in favour of such a strong advocate of an EU Army as von der Leyen for President of the European Commission?”

Err, yes Geoffrey.

“Simple really. Any of the alternatives would have been worse. And we should respect the nominee of national governments in Council rather than of the federalist Parliament.

“We did not want to unleash political chaos in Brussels and Berlin just when we need stable interlocutors to finalise Brexit.”

What will Tory voters make of that?