Conservative Association Chairmen furious with pro-deal push

The backlash from rank and file Conservative Party members against Theresa May’s deal – and the expensive campaign to promote it – has continued.

Westmonster previously reported on the huge anger from some Tory MPs at literature sent nationwide designed to boost public support for May’s unpopular EU plan.

MP Steve Double said: “Very disappointed to see CCHQ have wasted donors money on these appalling leaflets.

“They won’t be being delivered in St Austell and Newquay. It’s ridiculous for our leadership to continue this campaign when it is clear our grassroots do not support it.”

It looks like that sentiment is shared nationwide, with a load of senior Tory activists having put their names to a letter expressing the rage. ConservativeHome have the full letter, with signatories that include a number of Tory Association Chairmen from constituencies  such as Peterborough, Southport, Salisbury and South Shields. A broad church.

Hitting out at the “propaganda campaign”, they set out their anger: “We are appalled that Associations have recently been receiving promotional literature for distribution to members of the public urging them to lobby MPs to back the Prime Minister’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement with the EU.

“You will be well aware how controversial this proposed agreement is. Polls show Conservative MPs, Party members and the British public strongly opposed.”

68% of the Conservative grassroots want a SuperCanda deal, or No Deal at all.