Conservative and DUP MPs table 'Malthouse Compromise' Plan B

A group of MPs including Brexiteers Steve Baker and Iain Duncan Smith alongside Remainers Damian Green and Nicky Morgan, plus the DUP’s Westminster Leader Nigel Dodds, are tabling a ‘Malthouse Compromise’ Plan B amendment.

It contains four measures that include the British government publishing its post-Brexit trade tariff schedules “immediately” and seeks an extension of Article 50 until 22nd May.

The plan would also offer “mutual standstill agreements” with the European Union for a period until the end of 2021 at the latest with discussions on the future relationship and the UK contributing financially in the meantime.

Under the plan the government would also unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in Britain.

It was pro-Brexit MP Steve Baker himself who tweeted a photo of some of those in the group on their way to tabling the amendment.

The Telegraph’s Steven Swinford has also reported that a dozen Ministers could back the plan as well. One to watch.

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