Cologne: Syrian migrant set fire to McDonald's, took hostage, 'swore ISIS allegiance'

More details have emerged about a serious incident that occurred the other day surrounding Cologne train station.

The hostage-taking in Cologne involved a Syrian attacker, who witnesses say vowed allegiance to Islamic State.

The 55-year-old seemingly came to the country during in 2015 as a result of the migrant crisis and has since reportedly amassed a lengthy criminal record that includes theft and causing injury.

The man attacked a McDonald’s inside a train station, using a molotov cocktail and causing a fire that set a 14-year-old’s legs on fire, which required surgery. 2 other people were also injured.

He then went into a Pharmacy and took another female hostage, demanding a Tunisian woman in prison was released. Witnesses claim he swore allegiance to ISIS.

He had an air gun plus bottles of fire accelerant and was shot three times by police when he tried to set his hostage on fire.

Since then police have launched raids and are not saying that the incident was a terror attack as the man was apparently drinking alcohol and has mental health problems.

Regardless, it is yet another shocking episode that reveals some of the obviously dangerous people Angela Merkel has allowed into Germany.