Cologne: 600+ women reported assaults, only three men convicted of sexual offences

The disgusting events of New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne have sadly not seen strong justice delivered, with new analysis done by the German media showing that just three men were subsequently convicted of sexual offences.

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That’s despite around 661 women having reported being victims of sexual assaults, with large groups of migrant men involved. At the time even the BBC reported that around 1,000 ‘drunk and aggressive young men’ of ‘Arab and North African’ appearance were said to be involved.

A confidential report of the Federal Police found that: “Women with or without accompaniment went through a literally ‘git run’ by the heavily intoxicated masses of men, as one can not describe it.”

Now Der Spiegel are reporting that 661 women had become victims of a sexual offence on the evening. But there have been just three convicted sex offenders, with two getting away with suspended sentences.

Those three were only convicted because they had taken selfies of themselves and their victims before the attacks, Spiegel report.

An Iraqi apparently kissed a young woman against her will and licked her face, whilst an Algerian threatened: “Give me the girls or death.”

A Libyan, Muhamed A, had groped women and received a prison sentence of one year and nine months.

Cologne’s prosecutor proceeded on other cases involving, amongst others, 17 Algerians, 16 Moroccans and 7 Iraqis. But these cases seem to have been focused not on sexual assaults but theft and robbery, with 32 convictions.

A Spokesman for Cologne’s District Court, Wolfgang Schorn, has said: “Overall, the result is sobering.”

That’s putting it mildly. To see virtually no justice for the many hundreds of women who suffered sexual abuse is disgusting and incredibly alarming.