Clueless Lords push for government to extend EU membership

The badly out of touch House of Lords Brexit committee has issued a report that has painted a ‘No Deal’ as a total doomsday scenario reminiscent of the Remain campaign’s Project Fear, whilst urging the government to look at extending the amount of time the UK remains in the EU completely.

It should be noted that the committee comprises of the likes of former LibDem MEP Lord Teverson, Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top who chairs a charity which may benefit from European Union funds and Baroness Brown of Cambridge who was former Vice-Chancellor of Aston University who received ‘European Regional Development Fund’ dosh from the EU.

After warning of chaos from a No Deal, the report makes a plea: “We call on the Government, alongside its consideration of the legal basis for transition, to review the options for securing a time-limited extension to the UK’s EU membership that are legally available under Article 50; to open discussions on these options with the EU negotiators.”

Interestingly, even the mega Europhile Lords note that the sooner the government prepares for No Deal the better, saying: “It is clear that the later ‘no deal’ emerges as the outcome of the negotiations, the more damaging its effects will be.”

Politicians in Westminster still pushing for a possible extension to EU membership. They still don’t get it. Though they are right to say No Deal sooner rather than later. The government must either make progress on a deal, fast – or it is time to walk away.