Cleverly: I don't give a shit about Brexit

James Cleverly has said that he ‘doesn’t give a shit about Brexit’ at the Tories annual conference last night.

Cleverly, Deputy Chairman of the Conservatives, made the comment at a speech at a fringe meeting of the ‘Tory Reform Group’ at midnight last night.

Westmonster’s Steven Edginton was at the event and asked Cleverly, who voted to leave, to expand upon his comment.

The Tory MP responded: “We are going to leave the EU that is the result. We are going to repatriate our laws, that’s the result. We are going to repatriate immigration powers, that’s the result. We are going to give people back the chance to reject Government.

“It’s about the result, not the process.”

When pushed by writer and columnist Tim Dawson who was also at the event, Cleverly replied: “I’m not obsessed about the process, I’m focused on the result.”

The TRG’s James Baker then attempted to stop Cleverly from being asked questions about his comments, at which point Cleverly said that he was happy to continue being interviewed.

17.4 million people voted to Leave, the Conservatives should care about Brexit.