Clarke: Tory discontent with Remain MP Allen is reaching fever pitch

Nick Clarke is a former Conservative Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, former Chairman of Cambridge Conservative Association and is a Conservative Party member.

I was surprised to be receiving calls, this week, from senior Conservatives in South Cambridgeshire asking me to join a campaign to get Heidi Allen deselected.

Discontent with Heidi Allen, over her pro-EU stance, amongst Conservative Party activists in South Cambs, is reaching fever pitch.

Not just the usual suspects either. A number of local party members, who supported Heidi’s selection, are outraged by her attitude towards Brexit.

Many are claiming she is a LibDem in everything but name. Not good for the Conservatives who were hammered by the LibDems in South Cambs in the May local elections.

Much of the blame for this crushing defeat was laid at the door of Heidi Allen who has fragmented the local Conservative association and damaged its ability to campaign.

Those who fly under a false flag can’t get away with it forever, it seems. I am expecting membership of the local Conservative party to increase significantly in the next few weeks.