Children in London 'at risk of being stabbed on way home from school'

A new BMJ study has revealed the horrific reality faced by children growing up in the capital when it comes to being attacked.

Analysis of 1,824 young people aged 25 and under who have been treated for stab wounds in London over the course of 11 years found that 861 victims were aged 16-19, 791 were 20-24 and 172 were under the age of 16.

More than a fifth of victims aged under 16 are now admitted to hospital between 4pm and 6pm.

The authors of the study wrote that: “In children the spike in frequency in the late afternoon and early evening was attributable to incidents occurring on school days.

“The majority of stabbings in this time frame on school days occurred within 5km of home, which encompasses the average distance from home to school in children living in London.”

Prof Karim Brohi, who is one of the authors of the report but also Director of the NHS London trauma centre, said: “When I started as a surgical trainee 20 years ago, the youngest person we would see who had been stabbed was 17. But now it can be as young as 12 or 13. That happens not infrequently.

“On a regular basis, I go in and tell a mother or father that their kid has been severely stabbed and sometimes I have to tell them that they have died. I’m having those conversations more regularly.”

A number of teenagers have been stabbed to death in London over the last week alone. Violence on the streets of London is completely out of control. We need more police on the streets and a far tougher approach on law and order.