Child sex abuse report slams institutions for covering their backs instead of helping victims

A bombshell new report into child sexual abuse has come to the conclusion that institutions have been more concerned about covering their own backs than actually helping young victims.

The Interim Report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse states: “The Inquiry considers that all too often institutions are prioritising the reputation of  political leaders or the reputation of their staff, or avoiding legal liability, claims or insurance implications, over the welfare of children and tackling child sexual abuse.

“The UK Government must demonstrate the priority and importance of tackling child sexual abuse through its actions.

“Society is still reluctant to discuss child sexual abuse openly and frankly ‒ this must change to better protect children.

“Children are still accused of ‘child prostitution’, ‘risky behaviour’ and ‘promiscuity’ and, as a result, continue to feel blamed or responsible for the sexual abuse they have suffered rather than being the victims of serious criminal acts.”

The Inquiry has set up The Truth Project, which delves into the experiences of 1,000 victims. Of those victims, 53% were female, 46% were male, 1% didn’t identify as either. 94% were abused by men. 61% suffered their first abuse when they were aged between 4-11-years-old.

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This report should light a fire under big organisations and political institutions. For too long they haven’t prioritised the victims, they’ve covered their own backs. Disgraceful.