CBI admit firms have raised wages since referendum

The big money, big business establishment have been keen to stop a proper Brexit, keep to maintain the status quo. So Theresa May’s deal delivers for them.

One such example is the CBI, who in March 2016 warned of major doom in the event of a Leave vote that could include 950,000 job losses by 2020. Fantasy land.

When the Leave reality was pointed out today – that lower migration has led to higher wages for British workers – the CBI’s Nicole Sykes admitted that firms are having to put up wages.

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This is one of the most under-reported stories of the year. A recent survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation  and KPMG confirmed that fewer EU workers was resulting in higher wages for British workers.

The UK has just seen the highest rate of wage growth since 2008, with the number of EU migrants working in Britain down by 132,000. This is no coincidence.

Taking back control of Britain’s borders and slashing migration will be tremendous for British workers, no matter what the establishment would have you believe.