Caulfield: 'Cabal in government hold Brexiteers in contempt'

There is a small cabal that really pulls the strings at Downing Street and they hold Brexiteers in contempt, according to the former Vice-Chair of the Tory Party.

Maria Caulfield, who resigned over May’s botched Brexit plans, has written in The Telegraph: “Instead of exploring this perfectly acceptable solution a small cabal in Downing Street has dreamt up a fiendishly complex arrangement that seeks to recreate large parts of the EU’s single market. This approach comes with serious costs.

“Far from threatening the PM the way a handful of colleagues selfishly have ever since the country voted to Leave the EU, I have loyally supported her in difficult times. Even through the difficulties of the last General Election campaign.

“While I did not expect my loyalty to be rewarded, nor did I expect it to be treated with contempt.”

And one source told The Telegraph that it felt as though the Brexit White Paper has ‘been written for Brussels’ rather than the British people.

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It just goes to show the feeling in the Tory Party at the moment, the deep divisions that exist and the fact there is a cluster of Remainers who are in charge. If they fail to realise that it’s actually the people who are in charge and they’ll pay the price at the next election.