Catalonia's disputed leader urges EU leaders to speak out

Catalonia’s disputed leader Carles Puigdemont has called on EU figures to speak out on the crisis and slammed Brussels for its response so far.

Puigdemont, speaking alongside 200 of Catalonia’s pro-independence Mayors in Brussels, said: “Is this the Europe you want, is this the Europe you want to build, with a democratically elected government in jail?”

His comments come after the Spanish government imposed direct rule over Catalonia, rolled in the police and issued arrest warrants for Puigdemont and several other independence leaders.

The leaders of all the EU’s main institutions are political allies of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Puigdemont said there is an “absolute disconnect between the interests of the people and the European elites” and that Catalonia’s problem is an “issue of human rights that requires maximum attention”.

Yet again the EU shows its true colours – this supposed bastion of democracy on the continent is nothing of the sort.