Call centres being used 'to avoid sending officers to crime scenes'

The relentless push to do law and order n the cheap is getting ridiculous now.

Police are now using call centres to avoid having to send officers to the scene of crimes, instead they could try to investigate it over the phone

But that’s ok, isn’t it, because you’d assume all those people handling your phone calls in your hour of need will be well qualified and well trained…nope.

When jobs were advertised at the West Yorkshire centre in 2016, it said ‘no necessary qualifications’ were required…and some staff were given a week’s training.

Even the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police says police cuts are taking a toll.

Dee Collins said: “Of course I would really like to dispatch officers to victims on more occasions than we do but with far fewer resources and increasing and more complex demand we have to be realistic. I know it is often a real frustration for officers and staff, who work incredibly hard, that they cannot do more. I am immensely proud of all they do.”

Is it any wonder law and order is breaking down? Is it any wonder violent crime is surging? This is madness, anyone who thinks this is a good idea needs to give their head a wobble.