Calais Port and Eurotunnel: We're ready for No Deal Brexit

Away from the hardline Remainer hysteria of Westminster, there continues to be sensible reassurance that a No Deal Brexit can be managed from both the boss of Calais Port and Eurotunnel.

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Jean-Marc Puissesseau, the Chief Executive of Calais Port, has said that €6m has already been spent on work preparing meaning that “there should be no more delays after Brexit than there were before”.

He told Sky News: “We have been planning for a No Deal Brexit for more than a year so we have been improving the flow of traffic. We started the building work in January with a deadline of having it done by 29th March.

“We should not be afraid of Brexit. For the hauliers, the only difference is having e-declarations before they leave the country. When they are on the ferry, they will know whether they are going to leave via the green or the orange channel.

“More than 90% of them will be in the green channel, with nothing to declare, no controls, and we don’t think they will face any delays.

“In the other 10%, some will get checked. That’s normal. But we have more spaces for their lorries now. We have spaces for racehorses, for phytosanitary checks.

“The processes in the port of Calais are like a chain. All the links should come together, whether that is the ferry companies, the police, the border force, or the port itself. If everyone does their jobs properly, there won’t be any problems.”

Today, Adam Parsons of Sky News reported that Eurotunnel have said much the same: “We’re getting exactly the same message from Eurotunnel.

“They have spent two years preparing for any eventuality, whether that is a No Deal Brexit or whether that is a longer extension. They say they are prepared for anything.”

He also revealed that were Eurotunnel “adamant” that a work-to-rule industrial action is having “far greater disruption” than would be caused by a No Deal Brexit.

“Here in Calais the two main operators…are saying they are ready.”

It is time for some reality on a No Deal Brexit. The scare stories are absurd. The UK must have the confidence to be able to leave the European Union without a deal.