Calais chaos: Huge gang fight results in five migrants being shot, others stabbed

The complete chaos in Calais is escalating, with a huge gang brawl leaving four people fighting for their lives.

22 people are said to be hospitalised in total, with 4 Eritreans now in a critical condition after being shot. A number of other migrants have been stabbed.

Police are searching for an Afghan migrant they believe was involved in the shooting.

Local authorities have explained that: “Police intervened to protect the Afghan migrants faced with 150 to 200 Eritrean migrants.”

Interior Minister Gerard Collom responded, saying: “This is a level of violence never seen before.”

It comes after Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron agreed a deal on Calais that will see the UK hand over more than £40m and take in more migrants, with the French authorities having completely failed to get a handle on what’s going on in the area.

The weak message that has gone out from the British government on Calais is leading to more people coming to the area hoping to get to the UK. When are authorities going to get a grip, lock up those breaking the law and deport those with no right to be in the country?