Cable: Brexit might not happen

Sir Vince Cable is desperately trying to convince people that Brexit won’t happen.

The man almost certain to be next Lib Dem Leader said at a press gallery lunch that: “More and more people, politicians and civil servants are saying actually this thing isn’t going to happen and it’s based on several things.

“When you add all that together you start to ask the question well how can this possibly happen?”

Well, Vince, it can happen because we had a referendum and, as part of a democracy, we have to abide by the result. You assume he’d know that, as a liberal.

He went on: “I’m not putting my reputation as Mystic Meg on the line in saying I’m absolutely confident it would happen, but I think the possibility of this just not getting any further is now becoming very real.”

He also said Brexit was fuelled by old people who were worried about mass immigration from Turkey and if Britain had a second referendum it would “kill the issue forever, it would be settled” – he sounds like he’s doing a Tim Farron impression.

The establishment still desperately trying to turn back the clock and pretend June 23rd 2016 never happened.