Cabinet plot 'Norway-style' open borders deal

A group of nearly all Remain-supporting Ministers are looking at switching to a Norway-style deal if Theresa May’s plan is voted down, in what would cause another huge backlash. This would most certainly not be taking back control of borders.

The most anti-Brexit Ministers in Cabinet (Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, Greg Clark and David Gauke) favour the plan and have apparently briefed the likes of Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove, with a total of 8 Cabinet Ministers said to be involved according to The Telegraph.

They are looking at the UK joining the  European Free Trade Association, which would freedom of movement continuing. Brexiteers would be up in arms in the same way as they are about May’s deal. It doesn’t deliver on what they voted for.

Tory MP Nick Boles has long favoured the plan and said: “At this point we need a deal that the EU will accept and a majority of MPs will vote for.

“It is quite clear from the rapidly growing interest of members of the Cabinet that they recognise that the Norway plan can fulfil these conditions.”

If the Tories think a Labour-backed deal that continues with open borders will be acceptable to the British people, they will pay the price at the ballot box.

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